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Preventative Methods To Stave Off Summer Pests

Summertime Pests Trying to keep bugs out of our house is something everyone struggles with. Then, when winter approaches we begin to let our guard down because we don’t see bugs out and about as much. Don’t be fooled. The cold weather encourages bugs and other pests to find warmer places to live, such as […]
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How to Get Mosquitoes to Bug Off

Are mosquitoes making your bonfires, hikes, and other summer activities uncomfortable? Across Northwest Indiana, people are feeling itchy. After all, our area has many opportunities for mosquitoes to reproduce due to all of the marshes, lakes ,and other stagnant pools of warm water. When a person is bitten by these flying blood-suckers, they may have […]

Summertime: Warm Nights & Bed Bug Bites

Do you love the warmth of summer evenings? If so, you aren’t alone! Bed bugs love feasting during summer nights. But we are guessing you’d rather not share your home with these tiny, rash-causing insects. These uninvited guests are hard to get rid of and every homeowner’s nightmare come true. Although bed bugs are year-round […]
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Free Honey Bee Relocation

Buzzz! The winged, black-and-yellow, friends of the environment will be all the buzz very soon. Warmer weather means bees. While most of us are familiar with bubble bees and honey bees, there are many kinds of species of bees in our area. In fact, there are around 204 different species of bees native to Northwest […]

A Quick Guide to Wood Destroying Insects

Yikes, termites! Nothing stops a homeowner in their tracks like the possibility of a wood destroying insect. There are good reasons to fear these dreaded little pests. After all, they destroy the wood in your home, usually, without you even knowing.  Termites and other wood destroying insects, like carpenter ants, cause billions of dollars in […]

What’s Up with Wasps?

A particular yellow and black-winged insect will be making its debut soon. Warmer weather is on the horizon and picnics, baseball, fairs, and trash cans are magnets for these uninvited guests. Many mistakenly call them “bees” but these narrow-waisted and stinging insects are actually wasps. Yellowjackets, aka yellow and black stinging wasps, are rampant in […]

All About Ants

Got ants? You aren’t alone. Ants are a common household pest in Indiana. You don’t want ants to take up residence in your home. Depending on the species, ants can damage your home, contaminate your home with germs, and some bite! Although, ants have interesting qualities. Below is a list of ant facts that make […]

Ticks: A Survival Guide

Ticks are tiny, spidery vampires! These infamous arachnids must feed on blood to survive. They feed on many different kinds of animals like deer, squirrels, mice, household pets, and, yes, YOU! In the Midwest, you might have an infestation of ticks living outside your home. Ticks love wooded and grassy areas, so anywhere you have […]

The Ultimate Hitchhiker: What is a Bed Bug?

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” is timeless advice. Most everyone has heard about bed bugs or known someone who has had them. What exactly is a bed bug? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (APA), “The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has long been a pest – feeding on blood, causing itchy bites and generally […]

5 Strange Facts about Mice

Eek! Is a mouse in your house? If you saw a mouse, you likely have an entire family of mice hiding in your walls. Perhaps you didn’t see a mouse, but you are suspicious. Uninvited mice are not Mickey and Minnie. They are peculiar creatures that you do not want under your roof (unless they […]

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